Best 7 Fat Burning Workouts for Men

Gym and workouts has been a very special feature every man wishes to incorporate in his daily routine life. No matter how hectic their schedules are they always have time for workout. They prefer skipping other important deals compared to their workout.
When it comes to burning fat, they become even more conscious. But for all these exercises and workouts they need a special trainee as without those results do not meet your expectations. Here are some exercises that you can practice to  and if done accurately you won’t need a special trainer to train you.
Best 7 Fat Burning Workouts for Men
These workouts may be performed in sets. Where each workout include a superset of five exercises. Here are some workouts you can perform in the gym without a Personal Gym Trainer.
Fat Burning Workout

1. Treadmill

Your first workout includes treadmill. Working out on a treadmill warms up your body for further exercises. You can follow up this exercise jogging or running. Running up to 800 Meters to 1000 Meters is a good warm up to kick start your work out session.

If you want instead of treadmill you can run or jog in the ground for warm up and can come back once you are complete the above mentioned distance. Depending upon an individual you can increase the distance gradually.
2. Rope Jumping
Rope Jumping is also known as Skipping which all of us have been doing since our childhood. This can be performed for your fat burn program. Skipping is the best exercise to burn your calories quickly.

Rope jumping or skipping can be done in 6 sets each for 1 minute. Make sure you choose rope wisely while buying it online or in a local store. While ordering online make sure you are checking the material used, length, etc parameter carefully.
3. Crunches
Crunches increase your stamina and help you burn your belly fat. It should be performed depending upon your stamina. It is started with set of 45 crunches. Depending upon your stamina, no of crunches can be increased.

4. Bicycling
If you are lazy to go out for cycling or simply do not have your own bicycle, you can use stationary bicycle available in the gym. Cycling is a kind of cardio workout. It is also performed in 6 sets of 1 minute. Depending upon your stamina and interest you can eventually increase the duration and difficulty level.

5. Sit up
This is workout to strengthen your core muscles. It uses only body with no equipments. In the beginning you can take support of a wall or a bar but doing it without any support makes it more challenging. This workout mainly focuses on your abdominal muscles.

6. Squat
In squat exercise, balance your weight on your legs with a firm grip on the ground, with your knees bent. Balance your weight and keep it for sometime and then perform it in 6 sets. Make sure your back is straight throughout the squat. If you are a beginner and doing the squat for the first time, take support of a wall to correct your posture.

7. Pull ups
Pushups and Pull ups are two contrary exercises. Both are great for your body. Depending upon your strength you can gradually increase the no of pull ups you do.

Also there are a lot of variations in the grip movement, holding position that you can try to increase the intensity of the exercise.
These were some simple workouts you can follow to burn the fat. Important factor to note here is that you do quality repetitions than quantity. While doing these exercises make sure you are using best quality equipment such as Shoes, skipping rope, gym outfits, supporter, etc. Buy these before hand to check the comfort level while using them; this will help in avoiding injuries during work out. Order from reputed online health stores such as healthkart which offers variety of workout related activities.
When you are following some workout plan, you should take care of your diet as well. Including best quality protein shakes, healthy veggies and fruits will give you enough energy and enhance your workout results. Avoid any junk food or some habits like smoking and drinking.

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