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Advanced Car Technologies to Expect By 2020

The world is changing rapidly with the advancement in technology and the increase in demand to make life easier. Car technologies is evolving with the rest of the world and becoming more and more futuristic with every passing year.
Each year, we witness many new autonomous cars and concept cars with jaw-dropping technologies at the Auto Shows all over the world. We are given a new technology every year that raises our expectations and makes us wish that these technologies were part of the new cars right now and not sometime in the foreseeable future.

Car technology has changed in the past few years and it has become more approachable than it did before. With updated safety features and many driver-focused comfort features taking a firmer place in the current cars, better vehicles with advanced technologies are closer to us than most would like to think. Take the best convertibles of 2017 for instance; latest cars come with awesome features and gadgets.

Many car brands are bringing their own car techand updating them every year so that they can be the first to bring something truly tremendous to the car enthusiasts all over the world. There are some astonishing yet achievable car technologies that we can expect to be features in our cars by 2020.

Here are some of the best advanced car technologies that we can expect to have in our vehicles by 2020.

Driver Overdrive Systems Car Technologies

It is expected that the vehicles will get to have the final say in stopping a car in the near future, not the driver. This car technology is very similar to autonomous driving, but it is very different at the same time. The Driver Overdrive Systems will actively disregard the driver’s command and take complete control of the vehicle, whether the driver wants it or not.

The vehicles with the Driver Overdrive Systems will be intelligent enough to judge and predict the nature of the drive. There are already many cars in the market that will apply the brakes automatically if the driver fails to do so, but the future will be very different for these cars.
By the time it is 2020, the Driver Overdrive Systems will apply the brakes even if the vehicle is going at high speed and the driver is still pressing the accelerator. This is a sensor technology that is expected to be updated and enhanced by the time 2020 rolls in.

Biometric Car Access

We already are at a point where keyless cars are very common. Almost all car brands are making vehicles with keyless entry so that access the car is easier and much more efficient. The driver can open doors, close them and start the engine with just a touch of a button.
In 2020, however, we will have cars that have biometric systems. The drivers will be able to access the car with their finger prints and make cars more secure and more efficient. The future cars will be key-fob free and they will be replaced with biometric scanners that will scan your finger prints to start the engine and open and close the doors.

In order to further enhance this car tech, it is expected that retina scanners will be used next to make the cars more secure.

Active Window Displays

Much like the other technologies mentioned above, the Active Window Displays are expected to be seen in many concept cars. This technology is very similar to the Head-Up Display (HUD) that we see commonly used in many of the vehicles in the market right now.
There was a time when the Head-Up Display was nothing, but some blurry green numbers and words that could barely be seen. However, now the HUD in our cars is far clearer, cleaner and projects better information on our windshield screens.

In 2020, this car tech would have advanced enough to become Active Window Display that will be capable of displaying vibrant images and information necessary to take actions. This active glass display will show navigation systems that will highlight turns (as seen from the driver’s perspective) as the vehicle approaches.

Active Health Monitoring Car Technology

This is perhaps one of the most beneficial car technologies that will be present in the vehicles by 2020. As the name suggests, the Active Health Monitoring technology will keep an eye on the health of the driver. Although Ford Motor Company has already taken a step forward in this idea, the future is still out for the car tech.
Ford Motor Company has previewed the idea of steering wheel sensors and seat belt sensors that will keep track of the vital statistics of the driver and alert him when he needs to stop or needs help. The Active Health Monitoring will be working on the same idea, but it will be better.

It is expected that the Active Health Monitoring will use a combination of autonomous technology with the idea presented by Ford Motor Company to make the vehicle intelligent enough to know when you are under a serious medical condition, pull over the car and call for paramedics to help the driver in time.

Reconfigurable Body Panels

With the active demand for Crossover SUV sand Trucks increasing, it is expected that by the time it is 2020, we have vehicles that have manipulatablebody panels that can be changed according to our needs and demands. There are speculations that in the near future, we might have a new kind of body-hybrid vehicle that can a truck or an SUV according to your needs.

The idea is to make the body panels of the SUV with very lightweight materials so that they can be easily manipulated. With advanced motors, the roof and the side glass could be retracted into the lower body panels of the vehicle.

Super Cars with Four Cylinders

From the time Ford revealed their GT super car with a twin turbo V6 engine, there have been predictions that by the time we enter 2020, we may have a super car with a V4 engine. The traditional super car enthusiasts and performance enthusiasts might not enjoy this, but a lightweight V6 engine that can produce 600 horsepower will bring superior performance.

The same results can be achieved with a V4 lightweight engine that is placed in a vehicle with an equally light vehicle body that is made of carbon fiber. It is possible that in 2020, we will have a super car that is powered by a V4 engine that churns out 200 mph top speed.

Autonomous Cars

No one is predicting that we will have fully autonomous cars in 2020, but it is expected that we will at least have semi-autonomous cars that will be able to drive and function on their own in certain types of situations and conditions.

It is expected that it will take more than 5 years for the brands to make vehicles that can be fully autonomous and can be driven without any human input. However, for 2020, it is believed that we will have autonomous cars that can function automatically in rural interstates where there are minimum variables.

The plans for 2020 are plenty and we definitely have many ideas as to what can happen or what should happen, but car technologies is not as predictable as we might like to think. Some of these predictions might become our reality in just a matter of years or they can take more years to become fully functional.
If any of these car technologies are perfected before 2020, it will definitely be a tremendous feat. However, the future is bright for innovative car tech and we are all looking forward to what the future holds for us in the car technologies and future cars that may or not are autonomous cars.

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