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10 Do’s & Don’ts of Advertising on Pinterest

10 Do’s & Don’ts of Advertising on Pinterest

Digital advertising has become the most crucial part of any digital marketing plan. Digital marketing has social media marketing as one of the major aspects brands focus on.Advertising on Pinterest is one of the rising social platforms that offer immense advertising opportunities for brands to drive sales and leads. Pinterest has what you call the promoted pins, which look like regular pins but have more capabilities. They are keyword & target group specific to increase the brand’s visibility and drive conversions.


1. Monitor & optimize your campaigns – It is primarily driven by visuals and its unpredictable on what visual will resonate with the audience. In order to create successful campaigns on Pinterest, ad firms would have to come up with unique photos, texts, keywords etc. Strategies will help you recognize the best combination for a brand and bring maximum conversions.

2. The inclusion of CTA’s –It’s important to include Call To Actions in the pin description. Subtle CTA’s are important for the users to engage with the brand. Therefore, when creating an idea for the ad on Pinterest, an ad agency must keep in mind to put CTA’s wherever possible.

3. The inclusion of relevant keywords – It is beneficial to know that Pinterest allows around 150 keywords to be used in the promoted pins. It is important to use the right mix of keywords in order to attract the target audience.

4. Demographic Targeting –Pinterest does not offer as many targeting options as other social media platforms but it definitely allows you to display your pins based on their location, gender, age & language. It’s important for digital ad agencies to map out the target audience of the brand and create content accordingly.


1. Direct’s to a Lead Generation Page – Several brands link their lead generating landing pages to the pins. It’s smart to avoid using them as audiences usually click to get more information. It’s digital agency’s responsibility to use the link to the website page instead for the brand’s pin.

2. The inclusion of CTA’s – On the face CTA’s is not recommended on this platform. The ads should have subtle CTA’s like ‘ Sing up today for free trial’ etc. Including direct CTA’s will take away the visual appeal from your pins and can also get the ad disapproved.

3. Horizontal Images –Pinterest is more popular for vertical images. The longer, the better. Therefore, it’s important for creative agencies to make sure that they use vertical images instead of horizontal ones.

4. Hashtag Usage –Hashtags are irrelevant in Pinterest. They are interrupting and look spammy. Moreover, they also bring down the entire effectiveness of the campaign. Digital agencies who generate content for Pinterest must keep in mind to ignore the hashtags.

These are few of the tips that an ad agency or a digital agency must keep in mind while creating content for a brand for Pinterest.

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