Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil

Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil, It Can Improve Your Brain Health

Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil, It is one of the most highly acclaimed essential oils that are known for its wide variety of health benefits. With an increase in popularity over the recent years, some of the benefits have been proven to improve your brain health, relieve respiratory problems, and stimulate hair growth. This evergreen woody plant is a member of the mint family with a scent that is similar to pine. Rosemary is one of the oldest medicinal herbs known and has been used for medicinal purposes for generations for improving memory.

It helps improve memory and makes you alert

Within recent research, those who were studied with rosemary essential oil scored better in processing speed, memory, alertness, and mental attention when compared to a lavender scent group and the main control group. It was discovered that the active compound in rosemary, the 1, 8-cineole is what causes an increase in acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for learning and memory. Rosemary oil also provides 1, 8 – cineole molecules that go straight from the bloodstream into the brain when inhaled.

During another study, volunteers took a 3-minute aromatherapy session with either lavender or rosemary essential oil as researchers assessed their brain activity, mood, and alertness. The group showed an increase in accuracy, speed, and alertness while doing math computations which helps them to become less anxious and more relaxed.

It Protects the Brain from Aging and Damage

Memory loss is considered to be a normal part of aging. Though studies show that Rosemary also protects the brain and help minimize damage and the rate of brain cell aging while increases the blow flow to the brain. This supplies the brain with more nutrients and oxygen as Rosemary contains carnosic acid, which is an antioxidant that helps protect the brain from free-radical damage.

How to Use Rosemary Essential Oil

You can consume rosemary as a spice to your meals or simply add it to your tea. You can also use brain enhancing supplements that come as a liquid extract or capsules to be taken internally. Essential oils are highly concentrated, so Rosemary oil should not be taken internally but as a supplement form. The oil is so powerful that it should be diluted with equal parts of a carrier oil such as jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, and almond oil and should not be applied directly to the skin.

You can also get the benefits of rosemary essential oil by using it as a vapor into the air by adding a few drops to a pot of steaming water or a diffuser. Although the best way to gain the full memory-boosting benefits is to consider a rosemary supplement. According to the University of California Berkeley Wellness, there is no reason to consume rosemary supplements as too much of it can be counterproductive. Small doses of rosemary have also proven to provide positive effects on brain memory while the higher doses have also shown to worse mental performance.

According to history, rosemary was worn by Greek scholars to help enhance their memory while taking exams as the mental strengthening ability of rosemary has a calming effect while helping people become more alert and enhance overall quality performance and memory. Studies have also shown that rosemary essential oil has helped treat and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Other Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil

With many medicine preparations that have shown to contain rosemary oil, here are some of the health benefits:

  • Indigestion
  • Hair Care
  • Oral Care
  • Skin Care
  • Pain and Stress Relief
  • Boost Immune System
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Treats respiratory problems
  • Reduces transmitted diseases

There are many various claims about other health benefits of rosemary oil which include aid in the menstrual cycle, cramps, urine flow, prostate cancer, peptic ulcer, gallbladder, liver, intestine, cataract, sperm mobility, heart, leukemia, associated pain and kidney stones. Current research is still being performed to observe the potential in treating various types of cancers of the stomach, colon, breasts, and lungs. Be cautious as rosemary oil may cause allergic reactions so be sure to use only after consultation with your doctor and prescriptions. The oil has been said to occasional cause spasms and vomiting due to its volatile nature.

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