How to Build Backlinks

If you want to increase the traffic on your website or your website will be high in the search engine optimization, then you need a backlinks for that purpose.

In other words, there are two types of backlinks that is use in blogs. The first backlink is not very good in quality that does not do much effort for your blogs. If you have large use of such backlink Google will fine your blog.

The second is powerful backlinks, this link do a following things.

  • A powerful backlinks are related websites within the area of your domain.
  • It has a high PR.
  • These are natural backlinks.

Different things are change in the search engine optimization over some years. Google Panda and Google penguin do much work to update SEO which include thin content writing, link farming, over optimization of keywords.
Now backlinks is used to measure the ranking in the search engine optimization. Also now a backlink is a third factor to measure the search engine optimization ranking.

In this article we explain different method to create a powerful backlinks for any website.

1. Content Marketing:

For content marketing it is not required that your blog are very well recognize I must say it is a best way to produce a high quality and related backlinks.

The objective is to produce out class and valuable content for the readers and they also share to other free of cost. Your website should not pay anything for that content. When you produce content for generating backlinks, use these tips:

  • It should be based on a popular topic. Write your blog according to the famous topic and the topic which is related to social media content.
  • Do a deep search when you select a topic for your content. Read all the study related to your topic. You can also use different to search the most popular post.
  • Also remember your content is unique from other available post on the internet. Which this you can capture more traffic in your website.

For example, Neil Patel, is an expert of internet marketing, he create a full guide that is, “Do your MBA in internet marketing with these guides and courses”.
Because of its complete and helpful post, it produces a 125 backlinks from 38 different domains.

2. Guest Blogging

For new bloggers, it is actually a most difficult task to create a strong and reliable relation with the readers of your certain place.

Through guest blogging you have chance to capture your target audience and show the trustworthiness. Also guest blogging is offering you a best way to get related backlinks.

  • In the older time when guest bloggers used the PR (page rank) in the past blogs to govern if they should guest post there or not. The relevancy of place is a more important factor now. Remember the blogs you target are related to your own blogs. So a powerful backlink is suitable for it.
  • Related links are much more powerful than author bio links, but it is completely natural. If you can put a background, meaningful backlink in the content of your guest post.

3. Interviewing Other Bloggers and Influencers

It is hard for new bloggers to done a successful interview from their place; it is good method to get backlinks for the achievements.

If you create your network and make link with the good people, then a chance to conduct a good interview. You can use twitter to search around your place, also share and again retwet your content on daily basic. The point is that when you interview a blogger, he/she will absolutely create a link back to your website. This link will help you for establishment, for high PR

4. Leverage Social Media Websites

Although it may seem a very simple and small trick, you better not ignore it. In fact, leveraging social media websites can be the way to start Assignment Writing Services your link-building process for a new blog. It is definitely one of the easiest ways to generate powerful backlinks — which you will see in a minute.
Leverage social media website mean use influencing social media website to start a process of new blogging. It is usually easy way to produce a powerful backlinks.

There are mainly five website through which you target your audience.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus

All social media website uses a bio section through which they put a link in your blog. It has a great importance of this link in search engine optimization.

Facebook and Pinterest offer only one link in the section but a LinkedIn give three links.
Also on the other side, Google plus and Twitter offer infinite links to be added.

5. Create Expert Roundup Posts

Producing a roundup post is an easy thing for new blogger. People who devoted toward their work will do it easily.
You have to do just put a post where other professionals and well recognize bloggers share their views.
For example your blog topic is “health and nutrition” then you search 10 experts with in your place and told them to give one expert suggestion on that topic of your blog.

A good thing in post of expert roundup is that they are backlink attach. When you completed the post, you were share its URL to different people in which your expert also included.
Usually expert share your post to the followers, all these give you a link. This is a link of well recognize blogs which is very related and powerful.

6. Give Testimonials

If you are a blogger then definitely you use a different services and online tools. You should also give a feedback to these entire tools provider.

This is an attractive small method that may help you to lead a powerful backlinks for your new blog.
For example, bloggers use an email marketing tool to create and achieve their email confirmation. Weber is most popular tool for email marketing.

If you are using Weber, you can send them a pleasing feedback. Confirm that to specify that they can use this feedback on their website only.

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