Valentine’s Day

14 ways to make your loved ones feel special on Valentine’s Day

The day of love – Valentines Day. The day of which you plan with your loved one and you want it to be a day you can remember with a smile on your face and love filled with heart. The day is all about love and passion. Now, planning a gift for your partner is one of the toughest things yet the most romantic. will let you plan the most memorable gift for your partner that you can create on your own. Valentines day gift and make your better half feel special and loved with Let’s begin:

1. Love Coupons

Here’s a tip to make your loved one feel special on valentines day. Just prepare trump cards with all the chores that you and your partner try to get it on the other one. Like – Who will be making snacks for the movie? Who’s going to grab the last piece of pizza, or who’s going to prepare the bath? This is going to make your partner love you even more.

2. Heart String Art

The symbol of love is a heart! Well, just step up and create your partner a piece of heart string and play the softest music so he can grab you and pull close for a dance as that heart string art piece may look like the symbol of your love.

3. Two Little Lovers Wall Décor

Prepare a wall décor for his room, by placing two artistic hearts right close to each other stating ‘Love you for a thousand years’. Oh, this will make him go crazy because it’s something to feel special about and also, it’s so romantic.

4. Giant Googly Eye Heart Telegram

Act a little crazy to let him know how much you love him. Grab a big piece of a chart and make it into a giant hear telegram, big enough to hide behind. And there show him how special he is to you.

5. Book Page Heart Wreath

Show your loved one some love with a gift that requires a bit of effort but reflects the intensity of your love. Create this beautiful heart wreath and trust us, your other half won’t stop adoring you.

6. Secret Notes Pillow

Every couple loves to lie down at the end of the day and share the purest love feelings. Make out a romantic cushion, and you’ve made your partner realized that how deeply you are in love with him.

7. What I Love About You from A to Z” Mini Book

There are a million reasons you love about your soulmate, just list down 26 from A-Z and create a mini book for your partner. Every reason will make him fall in love with you all over again.

8. “Light of My Life”

Make a light bulb with a touch of love and décor it with two beating hearts. And play the song ‘Baby, you light up my work like nobody else’.

9. Clothes Pin Message

Make a secret note and pin it to your partners’ clothes. What’s more romantic than being anonymous and mysterious?

10. Message in a Bottle

Take an old bottle and write a love note with a little heart at the end and place it inside the bottle. Who doesn’t love a bit of drama?

11. Rainbow Sprinkle Bath Bombs

Before your partner comes from work, make him a sensual and sensory bath, with the scent of love. He’ll love you even more since you cared for him and made an effort.

12. Heart Shaped Tea Bags

Be a little cheesy and make heart shaped tea bags, grab your cup of you and sit out in the yard with your partner and enjoy your tea with some eye flirting.

13. Date Night Jar

Parents now? Well, make a date night jar and pitch in ideas for the most romantic and soothing date to fell young once again.

14. Hanging Flower Heart

Grab some flowers and you’re done. Create a gift that spreads the smell of love as well, so that your partner can smell and feel the love you have in your heart for him.

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