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Where the topic is about Best Lipstick for Bridal Makeup; As there are a variety of different cultural diversities around the globe, one of the difference is very prominent of when it comes to marriages. It is amazing to notice that every different country or continent might have their own customs and traditions where they celebrate the ‘’weddings’’ in their own styles with their own selection of dresses. The Asian brides are usually known to wear heavy dresses and heavy jewellery and to match all of this, ‘’heavy makeup looks’’ are done. Moreover, red is a color commonly wore by the brides of this side. While on the other hand, when we move towards the west side, there is a completely different tradition of wearing ‘’white’’ and minimal makeup and jewellery.


The western weddings are all about the beautiful, royal white dress which is more like a gown. The minimal and beautiful jewellery and the light makeup which enhances the features at its best. When it comes to lipsticks, the brides usually go for light ones or in some cases, some of them go with a red berry lip as well. They can go heavy with the lip shades but not with the eye makeup which they keep as mute as possible.

The 10 best lipstick for bridal makeup, have been given below.

1- Mac Taupe Lipstick:

This lipstick is every girl’s dream. The taupe lip shade is worth admiration. This lip color will give you the perfect ‘’wedding bells’’ feeling that you might have been dreaming of or might have desired. This lipstick is next level moisturizing.

2- Smashbox Always on Liquid:

Want to wear red on your big day? Well, who says you can’t. This Smash box liquid lipstick assures you that you cannot go wrong with red. It is the red which will suit you no matter what your skin color is. Also, it does end up with a matte look but it does not make your lips crusty and does not make the fine lines of your lips visible.

3- Ciate Liquid Velvet Sass Pot:

The Perfect hot pink shade which will instantly catch everybody’s eyes and if you’re going with really soft makeup, it would make sure you do not look too dull and washed out. This lipstick is by no means dry and does not make your fine lines prominent.

4- Mac strip Down Liner with ABH Pure Hollywood Liquid Lipstick:

This is one of the best lipstick is one of the most natural nudes you might have ever witnessed. Usually, nudes tend to be very drying but this lipstick gives a very fine finishing which leaves your lips super hydrated and moisturized. This will look perfect with your white dress.

5- L’Oreal Paris, Infallible Lip Paints 314- Spicy blush:

This is one of best Lipstick ones by the brides. Adding the tint is not the only thing that one has to do, but having a very hydrated, shiny, and soft lip is the basic aim. You can achieve it with this shade. This lip shade covers all the fine lines of your lips in the most perfect way and it lasts you very long too.

6- Color Splash Hydrating Lipstick in Set Sail, Tarter:

This lipstick is perfect if you intend on going with a deep shade. It is not very dramatic and very bright, however, It’s more of a nude which is not light at all. It enhances your features in the best way possible.

7- Le Rouge, Lipstick in Rose Taffetas Givenchy:

Here comes an amazing, shocking pink lipstick which will help you achieve the most eye-catching look ever. This lipstick is super long lasting which means that you do not have to worry about re-freshening it again and again which might make you uncomfortable.

8- Cream Lipstick in Radicchio MAKE:

Orange go quite well with white as well. They settle in the most amazing way ever with white. Well if you want to drop the jaws when you enter the hall then you must go with this orange shade which is warm and so flawless.

9- Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Crucifix, Kat Von D:

Well, you can even pair your white dream day dress with this dull, warm brown which is amazingly long-lasting. It glides on your lips in the most ideal way of ever making your lips look awesome.

10- Maybelline Color Sensation lipstick, Nude Glow 845:

This nude color will for sure look beautiful with a silver glittery eye. Once you see this lipstick, you would want to do everything to get this lipstick. Your bridal lipstick collection would surely be complete with this nude lipstick.

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