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A Diamond Isn’t Forever: Helpful Tips in Selling Your Diamond Ring after Divorce

Changes will always happen, and you must learn to adapt to circumstances. Things and even relationships don’t last because time will come when you need to end it or let it go for various reasons.

If you’re newly divorced, and you’re cash-strapped, one of your options is to sell some of your things. However, some of your valuable items are harder to let go, such as your diamond engagement ring.

When you’re selling things of high value, you should be extra careful. Some people might take advantage of you and buy your jewelry for a lesser price than its real worth. Swindlers are everywhere, and they can fool anybody, so be cautious when selling diamond jewelry.

The question is, how can you be a smart seller for your diamond engagement ring without the risk of being swindled by people? Here are some tips for you to think about when you’re moving on and letting go of your valuables.

Get an accurate appraisal of your diamond jewelry.

If you’re not a diamond expert, you don’t have any way of knowing how much your jewelry is worth. It’s also not enough to believe inexperienced people when they give an estimate of how much your diamond jewelry is worth. Consult legit diamond buyers because they will make sure that you get exactly how much money your jewelry is worth.

You can get an accurate appraisal from trusted diamond and gold buyers. There are various jewelry buyers in the US. So if you’re living in one of the major cities like New York, you can search online for ajewelry buyer located in Manhattan and have your items appraised. However, make sure that you’ll trust a legitimate business.

If you’re not satisfied with one assessment, you can go to several stores so that you can check that you’re getting an accurate appraisal. After that, you’ll have a precise idea of how much your engagement ring is worth. However, make sure that you’re ready to let go before you set your ring up for sale.

Set a realistic price for your diamond jewelry.


You now have an idea about the possible value of your diamonds, so you’re one step closer to selling your ring. Set a reasonable price for your jewelry based on the appraisals. Since you’re selling it as a second-hand item, don’t expect to get the same amount when your former partner purchased it.

The same idea goes for selling. You still have to make sure that you’re trusting a legal and legitimate company. Most businesses today happen online. However, if you’re not comfortable in dealing with people through chats or emails, you can look for a company with a website, useful contact numbers, and office buildings.

Personal transactions can help you ensure that you’ll get your money, and your diamonds won’t disappear, but directly delivered to the company that’s buying your items. There are lesser chances of deceiving because you’ll be handling the transaction personally.

Go online when selling your diamond jewelry.

If you’re not afraid to take the risk, online selling is one way of transacting faster with possible clients or jewellery-buying companies. However, don’t trust people too quickly. Check around if the buyer has had previous transactions, and inquire if the person is a trusted buyer.

If you’ve found a trustworthy buyer, you can set the meeting place if both of you can meet up. If not, make sure that you’ll receive the money for your jewellery, and that the buyer gets your items in excellent condition.

Restoring your diamond jewellery to its former glory.

Dimond jewelry

Before you sell your items, make sure that you have it cleaned and polished. If you’re not sure how to clean it, the Gemological Institute of America has some easy-to-do cleaning tips to help you make your old diamond sparkle back to life.

  • Regular cleaning

Soak your diamond in water mixed with mild dish soap regularly, and use a clean, unused toothbrush with soft bristles to remove dirt that’s stuck to the diamond.

  • Gentle wiping

After cleaning your diamond, wipe it gently with a soft cloth. Too much force and friction can cause damage to your jewelry so handle it with care.

  • Mild cleaning solutions

Don’t use strong chemicals when you’re cleaning your diamonds. These can damage or scratch the metals surrounding the diamond.

  • Ultrasonic cleaner

If you need to use an ultrasonic cleaner, you have to use it with extreme caution. The low-frequency waves can remove deep-seated dirt around the diamond, but it can also remove loose stones or smaller diamonds on your jewelry.


Selling valuables isn’t an easy task. There are lots of people who can take advantage of your offer, so make sure that you get an accurate appraisal for your items and sell it for a reasonable price.

Be smart when you’re selling high-value items like your diamond engagement ring to ensure that you’ll get the right value for the things that you’re selling. It’s not easy moving on from a broken relationship but having financial help by selling your ring can help you get through this rough time of your life.

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