About Us

Welcome to OnBootShop – A platform of writers, authors, engaged readers and bloggers to read, write and support stories or ideas. OnBootShop wrapped around an online publication where you can publish your own intellectuals. It is a publishing platform designed to make great stories by content creators.

OnBootShop was founded early in 2016 to create a global shopping-platform media for providing original and informative content. OnBootShop gives people the chance to collaborate and share their Shopping experiences, thoughts and ideas to connect with a huge and passionate audience of readers all over the globe. We focus on shopping various different topics such as Health, Fashion, Education, Home and Garden, Technology, Social Media, Sports, Travel etc.

Mahbubar Rahaman:))

I am behind OnBootShop . I just wanted to create to platform where each and every people can share shopping stories and ideas all over the glove. I started this out of my passions for learning, sharing and communicating with the peoples.